Clock in / Clock out

How It Works


Employee Clock in and Out


Will take a picture of the Employee.

The Employee

has to take a picture


The job they are on, and that they are set up for work when clocks in.

When the employee

Clocks out At the end of the day

Needs to take a picture

Of the job site cleaned up – which have a stamp of the employees current location, date and time.

With Buttons

Log out for lunch

For Employees

Log in after lunch


Employee and Admin

If the employee

Goes out 1/10 of a mile away from the clock in location but did not log out for lunch.

For Employees

Who Are


“Travelling to another job” and “Getting materials”

Employee’s History

Main Menu:

Make an Employee ID and Check Employee Summary

  • Employee will be generated by the company admin account.
  • The Company admin account can check the clock in and clock out of each employee by day, by week or by month. They will get a summary of the time, date, location, attached with the employee’s pictures.
  • When the employees go out of the place in range where they clock in, the app will notify(ping) the admin employee account.

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